Evie Sands – New Album and Tour!

A new album of Evie originals-plus Evie & band tour! – with stash of exclusive links for supporters!

Ok…  Many of you have seen my recent posts about being in the studio starting a new album (sounding great, btw!). Very excited about it and upcoming tour.

Now, I’m jumping in with my first crowd-funding venture! These days, it’s a necessary part of doing biz for indie-artists to raise the upfront funds to make it happen. I love that it’s a direct way for us to communicate! With the new business model, it’s pretty much the main way to keep making music for many.

As you probably know, CF campaigns depend on LOTS of shares to work out successfully. I’ll keep posting about it… but “it takes a village.” If you’re comfortable spreading the word in any way, that’d be lovely. It’s all massively helpful.

Along with sharing… Hoping of course, you can join me in backing the campaign. Every little bit goes a long way. I’ve loaded up with lots of cool and interesting perks (including some rarities & personal participation opportunities). Also, I’ve been persuaded to ‘pillage my closet’ and in turn, do something I haven’t seen in any other campaign. Throughout the 31-day run, I’ll be providing email links for all backers to my stash of videos & audio (for a limited viewing window) … the last one will include some vintage (rarely seen, never seen, or unavailable clips). There w/b updates & tastes from the studio, and I’ll be ‘going live’ on FB to answer Q’s and talk about the new recording.

The campaign is on indiegogo.com. Direct link is: https://igg.me/at/evienewalbum … (can also go to their site, search w/my name and it will come up)

Apologies for the longish post… There it is and here we go!
Most of you know how much I appreciate all your kind support. Thank you in advance, as always!! ❤️💞 XO

PS – A huge thank you to super-talents: Mike Schnee for the great video, and Jeremy A. Cohen for the great website launch work !!! ❤️ … and to my amazing band and BFFs: Teresa CowlesJason Berk, and Eric Vesper !!! ❤️
(ditto to Sam EpsteinAdam MarslandKurt Medlin, and Steve Refling)